How to Make Money from E-Sports

gamer with money

Who would have thought that playing games could also make quite a lot of money. You just sit in front of the video game screen, but still productive by making money. Maybe gamers are curious about how to get money from E-Sports.

Just like football clubs, gamers are considered professional E-Sports athletes. They will join the team and get a salary and various other income. Here are some ways gamers can try to get money from E-Sports games.

1. Win the Tournament

If you have joined the club, the possibility of winning the tournament is of course very wide open. As long as your team continues to train and continues to want to learn from defeat, victory will certainly be closer. You can get fantastic prizes if you win the tournament.

In just one race, the club will get a total prize pool of US $ 32,000. Over time, the prizes given will certainly increase. At the the international Dota 2 tournament, the prize pool reached $30 million.

2. Endorsement and Sponsorship

Every E-Sports athlete usually has a personal social media account such as Instagram and Facebook. Usually, they will upload interesting content to their respective social media accounts to get lots of followers and viewers.

Usually, athletes who are members of big clubs will find it easy enough to get a lot of followers. So that it will be faster for them to get income. The income comes from endorsements and sponsorships

Many successful E-Sports athletes benefit from endorsements and sponsorship. Usually, they will work with other parties who want to promote the company’s products or services.

3. Selling Merchandise

The big name and reputation of the E-Sports club seems no doubt like a football club. That way they can run other businesses by selling merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, stickers, and so on. The benefits of this merchandise are quite promising.

4. Collaboration with Game Developers

If the E-Sports club already has a good reputation and management, the possibility of working with game developers is wide open. Game developers here are companies that are engaged in game development technology.

Well, the company is willing to pay professional players to test the new games they will develop. They are tasked with trying new games and finding things that need to be fixed by developers such as bugs and / or adding other features.

5. Real Money Trading (RMT)

Transactions with real money can also be a source of income for E-Sports athletes. Because the RPG genre game requires players to have complete weapons in order to excel in the match.

These weapons are basically available in the game, but it takes extra effort to get high level weapons in the game. They have to complete several missions that must be completed to increase the level of weapons.

It may takes a long time and patience to level up the weapon as high as possible. So E-Sports athletes can play this game to get a high level of weapons. … Read More...