6 Top Dating Sites for Teenage Gamers

Teenagers are more invested in gaming than adults. They have the time, independence, curiosity, and skills. And of course, they are always eager to meet new people as long as these are teenage gamers like they are.

A teenager is ideally between 13 and 19. Still, there are dating websites for this age bracket. Check UK.collected.reviews and you will find just about anything teenage-ing. From online dating experiences shared on the platform, here are top dating sites for teenage gamers.

1.             Kippo:

A private gaming company founded in 2019, Kippo can be found in the dating industry, mobile app, social network, social media, and so on. The company was recently founded particularly for gamers and is located in the Western part of the United States. Founded by Cheeyoon Lee and David Park, who themselves are gamers, the dating app provides immersive gaming features alongside dating networking for teenage gamers.

2.             EliteSingles:

If gaming is a side hustle, how best to spend the money and ease the stress of working if not on some elite singles. This is primarily what the platform is all about. You will find singles from all walks of life sharing spaces with you after the day’s efforts. You will also find teenage gamers like you ready to make things happen in real life, looking forward to that dinner or outing.

3.             Match.com:

Being at the top makes Match the website for almost every age and interest. No doubt, you will have people sharing your interest with you on Match regardless of the interest. And you will date members of all ages and abilities. Match has proven to be the most patronized over the years, thanks to its sophisticated matchmaking features. Match satisfies both the desires of adults as well as teenagers

4.             OKCupid:

Like Match, OKCupid is also one of the known dating websites. It is totally free to use and most apt for conservative gamers. As a teenage gamer interested in individual freedom, limited government, free markets, rule of law, and the likes, you will OKCupid reflecting those interests alongside your gaming interests. OKCupid is where everything meets — from politics to tech.

5.             Bumble:

This is a popular dating website amongst young adults and it is because it prompts only the female users to make the first move in straight relationships or dating. Founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble is the most leading dating website for teenage gamers and users, only second to Tinder. Its services extend beyond the United States where it is located to serve more than 600 countries in the world.

6.             Hinge:

Another dating site where young adults can find love is Hinge. Teenagers can find partners based on their gaming interests and as well can be found by others. Hinge was founded in 2012 and has an app where it operates from Android and iOS. Founded by Justin McLeod, Hinge hinges on long-term relationships amongst dating users.


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Most Anticipated Video Games of 2021

Polygon's 50 most anticipated games of 2020 - Polygon

A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface or input devices such as a keyboard, joystick, or motion-sensing device to produce visual feedback for a player.

Given the state of the world, we need video games to entertain and enlighten us. Britainreviews.co.uk gives reviews of video game companies such as the PlayStation and Xbox series.

The  release train isn’t stopping in 2021 and here is a list of the most anticipated games of 2021:

1.  Death loop

Arkane Studios, best known for the dishonored series, developed this action game about an assassin named Cole. Another agent named Julianna is after him, Deathloop also includes a multiplayer component that allows players to take on the role of Julianna as they mess with Cole.

The game also has a good internet package, you can use internet packages companies reviews to ascertain the best. The game which is published by Bethesda softworks will be released on the 21st of May, 2021.

2.  Mario Golf Super Rush

Somehow, it’s been 17 years since the last Mario Golf game on a console system and so people are waiting for the release of Mario Golf Super Rush. This game adds a new speed golf mode that looks fun, letting you tap into power-ups and abilities to beat your opponents on the course.

This time, you’ll get a Story Mode to play through, which will star your Mii characters as they compete in challenges, and earn experience points to power-up their status. It is set to be released on the 12th of June 2021.

3.  Returnal

The Returnal has made a name for itself by blending its arcade into a story-driven, third-person adventure. You play as Selene, an astronaut stuck in a hellish Groundhog Day of sorts, as she endlessly attempts to fight her way out of a recurring death cycle.

This game is set to be released on 30th April 2021.

4.  Back 4 Blood

 The creators of this game, Turtle Rock Studios, however, have finally released the game under a new name, in the hopes that players are still interested in gathering in groups of four and fighting off endless hordes of zombies.

Back 4 Blood is the same four-player zombie experience that you’d expect from the Valve series – just without the Valve involvement. It has the same frantic energy as the Left 4 Dead games, the humor, distinctive style, and lots of zombies and it is to be released on the 22nd of June 2021.

5.  Solar Ash

Heart Machine, the makers of that gorgeous and entertaining 3-D action game, brings the studio’s knack for evocative action games to the third dimension. Mysterious and colorful, Solar Ash seems to maintain its predecessor’s spare storytelling and somber manner, making it one of the most anticipated games of 2021.

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15 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games | Mental Floss

The benefits of playing video games go beyond entertainment. Playing video games benefits the players in many ways from healthy brain stimulation to coordination of hand and eyes. People that play video games tend to use them to also relieve stress. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should check gaming computer US stores reviews on US-Reviews.

In this article, we will discuss the amazing benefits of playing video games


  1. Improve Manual Dexterity
  2. Improve Social skills
  3. Development of problem-solving skills
  4. Increase brain gray matter
  5. Improve vision
  6. Becoming a better leader
  7. Increase your awareness and level of consciousness
  8. Reduce Stress


Playing video games improves your manual dexterity. Manual dexterity is the ability to use both hands skillfully. In the recent study involving a group of surgeons, surgeons who play video games were faster at performing medical procedures like laparoscopic and made fewer mistakes during the practice procedures compared to those who didn’t. Also, special video games have been used as physical therapy to help stroke patients regain control of their wrists and hands.


Gamers have better social skills compared to non-gamer. People who play video games are more likely to perform better academically and also built better interpersonal relationships with people.


Playing video games can teach you how to be a better problem solver. Most video games are complex puzzles that take over 2 hours to solve or more. However, the solution to this varies based on your actions in the game.

Videogamers are able to think and strategize in a fast-paced fantasy environment than other places.


Video games can help increase your brain’s gray matter.  Playing video game regularly increase your brain gray matter and also boost brain connectivity. Gray matter is associated with memories, muscle control, perception, and spatial navigation.


Playing video games can help improve your vision as long as you are not sitting directly in front of the screen for 10 straight hours. Video game players were able to train their brains to see smaller details because in video games those details often turned out to be important. They would also learn to observe a wide scope of areas as opposed to a very small space. Hence, they are generally more observative as well.


Playing video games could help you become a better leader because most certain genres of games reward and encourage leadership traits. Hence, from their regular interaction with the game and the leadership strategies they have used over time, they will have honed their leadership skills. They can bring such skills to real-life scenarios to get result in their workplace and other spheres of life.


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How to Make Money from E-Sports

gamer with money

Who would have thought that playing games could also make quite a lot of money. You just sit in front of the video game screen, but still productive by making money. Maybe gamers are curious about how to get money from E-Sports.

Just like football clubs, gamers are considered professional E-Sports athletes. They will join the team and get a salary and various other income. Here are some ways gamers can try to get money from E-Sports games.

1. Win the Tournament

If you have joined the club, the possibility of winning the tournament is of course very wide open. As long as your team continues to train and continues to want to learn from defeat, victory will certainly be closer. You can get fantastic prizes if you win the tournament.

In just one race, the club will get a total prize pool of US $ 32,000. Over time, the prizes given will certainly increase. At the the international Dota 2 tournament, the prize pool reached $30 million.

2. Endorsement and Sponsorship

Every E-Sports athlete usually has a personal social media account such as Instagram and Facebook. Usually, they will upload interesting content to their respective social media accounts to get lots of followers and viewers.

Usually, athletes who are members of big clubs will find it easy enough to get a lot of followers. So that it will be faster for them to get income. The income comes from endorsements and sponsorships

Many successful E-Sports athletes benefit from endorsements and sponsorship. Usually, they will work with other parties who want to promote the company’s products or services.

3. Selling Merchandise

The big name and reputation of the E-Sports club seems no doubt like a football club. That way they can run other businesses by selling merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, stickers, and so on. The benefits of this merchandise are quite promising.

4. Collaboration with Game Developers

If the E-Sports club already has a good reputation and management, the possibility of working with game developers is wide open. Game developers here are companies that are engaged in game development technology.

Well, the company is willing to pay professional players to test the new games they will develop. They are tasked with trying new games and finding things that need to be fixed by developers such as bugs and / or adding other features.

5. Real Money Trading (RMT)

Transactions with real money can also be a source of income for E-Sports athletes. Because the RPG genre game requires players to have complete weapons in order to excel in the match.

These weapons are basically available in the game, but it takes extra effort to get high level weapons in the game. They have to complete several missions that must be completed to increase the level of weapons.

It may takes a long time and patience to level up the weapon as high as possible. So E-Sports athletes can play this game to get a high level of weapons. … Read More...