6 Games that Could Help You in Practicing Driving Before Buying a New Car

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Driving is an exciting activity. However, learning how to drive could be both exhausting and fun. The technology existent today allows the simulation of all basic car controls in the virtual driving activity.

There are a few things you can do to know about driving before buying a car. These things can be found on the many opinions shared on reviewsbird.co.uk. From people’s opinions, car driving games is one of the suggestions.

This doesn’t mean that you should download games on your smartphones. These are apps that teach your traffic controls and practically make you conscious of driving ethics. Sometimes, you only need to get connected with the games via your mobile network provider and you’ll create the driving experience for yourself.

Below are some of the games that you can play on your smartphone before driving a car:

1.  Wreckfest:

This game offers you a variety of vehicles dynamics that stimulates your driving interest. You get to see car-eating harvesters and avoid them. You get to navigate different roads and highways in the game to enhance your driving skill. You can even activate the online game mode to play with people who are like you. It’ll seem as if you’re driving a real car, and you have to navigate your way from accidents.

2.  Parking Mania 2:

This popular game will teach you about reverse parking and its dynamics. Parking is a challenge for many novice drivers. Playing this game will let you understand how to park the car in marked locations. With the points it gives (or shows that you lose), you get to drive sensitively to perfect your real-life driving skills.

3.  Dr. Driving 2:

With smart graphics, you get to have a virtual driving experience. First, you are made to fasten your seatbelts. Afterwards, you start to receive driving lessons that ensure your obedience to driving rules. You’ll get points for every right thing you do. This involves the application of brakes, indicators before making a turn, correct parking, etc. It is free to use, and you can even unlock tougher level that will enhance your driving skills.

4.  Car Driving School Simulator:

This driving app helps you see the things you did wrong or right after driving. It informs you of basic driving rules. With soft music, you can stimulate your driving experience and eventually apply it to real-life driving.

5.  DMV Genie Permit Practice Test:

You need to get a license to drive at a park. This requires a practical test as well as a written test. This game lets you create familiarity with the laws of different countries. The app also helps to improve your driving knowledge in both theory and practical ways.

6.  Driving School:

First, you have the option of choosing an automatic or manual transmission car. You can also choose the roads where you want to drive. The location you choose helps in shaping your driving skills. You get to make use of the … Read More...