Hacking SCUM Survival Game

New games are harder to be hacked or cheated because developers are becoming better through time. The good thing for those people who like to have some advantage over other players is that cheats like games are constantly changing. So, cheat developers and game developers are constantly in a race with updates. SCUM has implemented the anti-cheat program, but every program can be bypassed, so you can always expect to find a way to cheat.

You should always take a good look at what cheat you are getting because it needs to be as the last update of the game. The last thing you want to happen to you is to get banned, and that usually happens when you use an outdated cheat. There are many options you can use as a SCUM cheat, from some hardcore cheats that are easily noticeable, to some little advantages.


What will you get for cheating?

There is a good and a bad side of cheating in games that are multiplayer. For single player games, you will just have benefits if you like the easy way. But, when it comes to multiplayer there are two sides to the story. Many cheats will give you an advanced in the game like spotting the enemy in a millisecond or just become invincible.

To some players, this can become boring because you can’t lose any match by a player that doesn’t cheat. If you are bad in the game or just new, you can use some cheats like wallhack or some speed boosters, so you can keep up with the best players.

Cheats like aimbot is more fun, but there is a high chance you will get reported to the admins. The bad side is that many players hate cheaters, even when sometimes it is fun, they want to ban them. No game developers want cheater or hackers in their game, so they will work hard to stop you, but the way you act is the only thing that is separating you from cheating.

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Recommended cheats for multiplayer

SCUM is a very detailed game with a lot of options you need to follow to keep up with the best players. If you lack skill and the game always places you with great players, everyone wants to get some advantage and be in the race to the top.

The problem with using some cheats is that they are very noticeable. Using speed hack in the game where you have a stamina that lowers when you are running is a very bad choice to make. It is true that SCUM is a new game, but there are already many cheaters using all of the cheats possible. It is just a matter of time when they will get banned, so why not be smarter than those players.

Using cheats like ESP is the best way to be ahead of some players. You can use options like distance ESP, so you can know how long it takes for your enemies to approach you, or also name ESP to know who is approaching you. These are hard to notice, and the only thing admins will see is a higher ping, but that also depends on the internet you have, so it is harder to know if you are a cheater or not.


Recommended cheats for single-player

When you play a game like SCUM as a single-player, you really just want to have fun like with every game you play. It is a great game for users that like survival and action, but with so many details you just want to skip some things. Read more on this link.

This is where cheats come to the place and help you beat the system. Cheats like aimbot where you can automatically shot the enemy is the best cheat that was ever made. You can easily pass any obstacle when your weapon fires every time the enemy is in the range.

Already mentioned speed hack is the best way to skip large terrain and get to the place you wanted faster. Also when you have your enemies on your back it is way easier to shoot them when you are going way faster than usual.