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Talking about NBA online games, of course NBA 2K will always be discussed. Being the only game that brings the NBA into the gaming platform in front of your eyes certainly provides its own plus for 2K. Once again presenting features such as MyCareer, MyLeague and of course my neighborhood plus other new features. This year they will release their newest series 2K22 with changes that will be presented in the complete package of this basketball game. After years of dominating the NBA game, of course, there are expectations about the development of this game.

Possibly not much changed in terms of gameplay and graphics

LA Lakers superstar duo LeBron James, Anthony Davis bring down the NBA 2K  server

The similarities from the previous series are still felt, starting from dribbling, assists, shooting parimeters, and many others. Some of the mechanics feel a little changed from the 2k20 to 2k21 series, starting from the 3 point shot which feels easier, maybe in harmony with the original NBA where the 3 point strategy is quite strong. Even so, players still have to find enough gaps to get a high percentage to enter. As for the dunk, it should be the same as before, depending on the physical and attributes of the dunk. And for lay-up drives and others, it’s going to depend a lot on the shot’s parimeter, so it’s a little more difficult to get 2 points from under the ring. It’s all about the basic mechanics, when you try to play it definitely feels a little different.

Still about the gameplay, the AI ​​should be getting more difficult. In the 2k21 series, some AI will try to steal automatically when you play normal games. Every pass that passes people will most likely be blocked and a steal occurs. But there is a slight problem with auto steal, sometimes when pressing the steal button, players who are not in your control will try to steal which sometimes leads to a foul.

For graphics, there doesn’t seem to be any significant changes. There are no visible changes, except for the addition of small details and new shoot animations. Graphics are not that problematic for sports games that are released every year. It’s just that expectations about the appearance of changes to the graphics of course exist. At first glance you won’t be able to tell if you’re playing NBA 2k20 or 2k19 except from the UI and a few.

People’s Opinion on My Build’s New Features, Praiseworthy

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Who doesn’t know the “my player” game mode, a game mode that makes you enjoy the story, grind, until finally ready to appear in the Neighborhood. In this mode, you will be introduced to a breakdown skill where you can change with existing presets, to achieve the game form you want and can see what status will be shown.

Next, it can be said that this is a super cool mechanic that is physical. The physics here are really something different from the previous nba 2k’s. Physical here will not only affect some of your attributes but also affect some attributes that have been removed such as vertical, speed, acceleration and stamina. So for example, if you weigh a lot, it will reduce your speed but increase your strength, and vice versa.

So the maximum of the attributes above affect the physical form that you will build and will increase as attributes such as shoot, def, inside, and others are improved. On the other hand, you also don’t need to spend VC to add these physical attributes. Fair enough isn’t it, so all height and weight have their own advantages. Fair enough. In addition, you can also choose a preset from the pro players that have been provided, where you will get a status like the existing NBA star players.

In addition, every attribute, type of play to physical will also affect the badges that you can get. If you are an all-rounder who focuses on shoot and playmaking and inside score. I guess you’ll get 20 badges points, 11 playmaker points, 20 finishings, at least that’s what I got from my build. Several new badges also appeared such as steady shoot and others. This certainly adds a better playing experience than NBA 2k20.

You can try My Build yourself. After you create a character the way you want, you can test the character, so you know the strength of the character you form. If it fits then ok. If not then edit until you get the convenience you want.

Well, now about the currency. In NBA 2k’s there are 2 currencies, My Team points (MT Points) and Virtual Currency (VC). At first glance it is indeed easy to get it, just playing can get it. But not many people have much time to grind. If you don’t want to waste your time grinding, you can Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins at NBA 2K22 MT always gives its clients the best price, 100% Safe and fast delivery. No matter when you buy from them, you will find it the cheapest every time.

Additionally, NBA 2K21 comes with Cross-Progression MyTEAM and Shared VC Wallet within the same console lineup (PS4 to PS5, Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S). With this feature, all MyTEAM Points, Tokens, cards and progress in the current generation version of NBA 2K21 can be shared with the next generation, and vice versa.

In NBA 2K21, they featured Zion Williamson, the New Orleans Pelicans forward as the cover star. Meanwhile, NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition will feature Kobe Bryant, a legendary player as the star. I hope there will be something fresher in NBA 2k22.