Sports Betting Tips and Tricks

While luck definitely plays a part when it comes to sports betting, there is also a lot of skill and strategy involved in becoming a winner over the long term. In this guide, we are going to break down two of the best ways to bet on sports to help you return a consistent profit.

Focus On One Team or Player

As simple an idea as this is, it can be very powerful. Think about it: it is much more valuable for you to be a real expert on a single team or player than to have an average amount of knowledge about many! The more you know, the better you will be able to spot good value when you check the latest odds.

Practise Proper Bankroll Management

This is a concept that will pay off in any aspect of your life when you’re choosing how to invest your money. To put it simply, it’s not just about the teams you bet on but how much you’re betting and how frequently you’re doing so as well. When you’re properly managing your bankroll, you’ll be protected from the inevitable cold streak that comes with any form of gambling.

The first step is creating a sports betting bankroll that’s totally separate from your regular, day-to-day budget and the total you need to put aside for your expenses each month. Create a spreadsheet indicating how much you can reasonably afford to bet each month, and then make sure you never exceed this limit. Break it down into different totals for daily, weekly, and monthly spending, and you’ll be able to keep your sports betting 100% stress free instead of a source of worry because you’ve overspent.

If you’ve got a betting bankroll worth more than £200, your average bet size should be roughly 2% of the total roll. If your betting bankroll is worth less than £200, you should never bet more than £5. It’s always better to make smaller bets more frequently than one big bet once every blue moon!

Quick Tips

Here is a breakdown of the easiest and quickest tips and tricks we could put together. Make sure you implement these when you start sports betting:

·        Avoid Parlays and Longshots

If you’ve got a bigger bankroll, it’s okay to make a few longshot bets here and there, but they’ll be a drain when you’re just starting out and/or you have a limited amount of money to bet with.

·        Diversify Your Action

Remember, it’s always better to spread your money out over more bets. This is the best way to reduce variance and overcome bad luck and losing streaks.

·        Learn the Basics of Reading Odds

Whether you’re enjoying Australian sports betting or wagering on a Premier League game at a land-based sportsbook, you can’t get away with not learning the basics of fractional, decimal, and American, or moneyline, odds. There are numerous resources available online that can get you up to speed regarding these three basic formats.… Read More...

How to Read Odds

There are 3 main types of betting odds, American, or moneyline, odds, decimal, or European, odds, and fractional, or British, odds. They all represent the same thing and hold no difference as far as payouts are concerned.

American Odds

In American odds, favourites are accompanied by a – sign and tell you how much you need to bet to win £100. Underdogs get accompanied by a + sign. The numbers indicate how much you’ll win for every £100 you stake. As an example, let’s take a look at an American football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles:

  • 49ers: +585
  • Eagles: -760

Looking at these odds, the bookmaker has stated that there’s a much lower probability, roughly 15%, that the 49ers will win. So, you’ll need to bet £100 to potentially win £585. If the 49ers can pull off the upset, then you’ll get your initial bet of £100 along with the £585 you won. This will give you a total of £685 in your pocket.  

Decimal Odds

The decimal odds number represents the amount you’ll win for every £1 you bet. And the number represents the total payout, not just the profit. So, since your stake is already included in the decimal number, you don’t need to add it back. This makes the total calculation easier. Let’s take a look at a online betting odds example:

  • Spanish Mission: 4.00
  • Goldman: 1.3

The number represents how much you would win against each £1 you bet. So, if you bet £100 on Spanish Mission to win the Caulfield Cup and you were right, you’d win £400. This includes your initial stake of £100, so your net profit would be £300. In the same way, you would receive a total payout of £130 if you successfully bet on Goldman to win the Caulfield Cup. Deducting your initial stake of £100 from this return gives you the £30 net profit earned.

Fractional Odds

A fractional listing of 6/1, or 6 to 1, would mean that you would win £6 for every £1 and receive your pound back. So, this is the ratio of the profit won to the initial bet, so you’d get your initial £1 stake back in addition to the profit, £6, for a total payout of £70. If you staked £10 at 6/1 and win, your total payout would be £70, £60 profit plus your £10 stake.     

Let’s say for example that the following are the odds on the 3 teams most likely to win the 2023 NBA Championship:

  • The Boston Celtics: 13/5
  • The Milwaukee Bucks: 9/2
  • The Denver Nuggets 7/1

You can quickly determine that the Boston Celtics are the favourites to win and the odds on the Bucks and the Nuggets are longer. You would win £13 for every £5 you bet on the Celtics to win the championship. Meanwhile, you would win £9 against every £2 you put down as a stake on the Bucks to win, because it’s deemed less probable. For the … Read More...

Learn the Art of Pitching Your Business Ideas

On the off chance that you’re an entrepreneur, you want to know how to pitch your business. Regardless of whether you’re not wanting to seek after financing, having a strong short presentation guarantees that you know pretty much everything about your business. Which proves to be useful if or when you in the long run choose to search out speculation.All business proprietors should have the option to pitch, regardless of whether it’s to expected clients or to investors and banks to fund-raise for your new business fire up. Pitching may seem to require a splendid, creative business thought with the possibility to make millions in the primary year, yet the fact of the matter is very unique.

Genuine business investors are searching for practical business plans and thoughts with regards to subsidising new businesses. Assuming you’ve an incredible business thought, ensuring you’ve an amazing pitch to match will make it more straightforward to fund-raise for your start- up. Here are our ways to pitch your business thoughts to investors. A big help in strategising the meeting in an effective manner can be Strategic Management Meeting (SMM) for better outcomes. 

 1. Make a Exceptional Presentation

To start with, invest in some opportunity to assemble your pitch deck. The objective is to make a deck that is simple for you to work off of and gets investors amped up for your business.Remembering that, you ought to have an abbreviated form that you can address inside 10-minutes as well as a lengthy variant that incorporates all that you might want to give potential investors admittance to.

You can utilise our free pitch deck layout for Powerpoint to get everything rolling and peruse our exhibition of more than 50 different Industry Pitch Decks. Assuming you want assistance assembling your pitch, look at this rundown of instruments that can assist you with assembling an expert looking show.

2. Highlight the Pain 

Start your pitch with a convincing story. It should resolve the issue you’re settling in the commercial centre. This will draw in your crowd right out of the entryway. Furthermore assuming that you’ve done any testing attempt to incorporate real information here.

In the event that you can relate your story to your crowd, for this situation, the financial backer, shockingly better. What enterprises have they put resources into beforehand? How do trouble spots treat past entrepreneurial undertakings? Do some examination about the financial backer, so you have a better than average of what they care about and can fit your story to them.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

You really want to rehearse your pitch. Not having the option to rapidly address every component of your business makes each and every tip on this rundown basically pointless. An excessive number of entrepreneurs feel that just by knowing their business they can rapidly and compactly clarify its worth. Furthermore having a stellar pitch deck with eye-popping visuals will be to the point of returning to. So they go into pitch meetings ill-equipped.… Read More...

6 Top Dating Sites for Teenage Gamers

Teenagers are more invested in gaming than adults. They have the time, independence, curiosity, and skills. And of course, they are always eager to meet new people as long as these are teenage gamers like they are.

A teenager is ideally between 13 and 19. Still, there are dating websites for this age bracket. Check and you will find just about anything teenage-ing. From online dating experiences shared on the platform, here are top dating sites for teenage gamers.

1.             Kippo:

A private gaming company founded in 2019, Kippo can be found in the dating industry, mobile app, social network, social media, and so on. The company was recently founded particularly for gamers and is located in the Western part of the United States. Founded by Cheeyoon Lee and David Park, who themselves are gamers, the dating app provides immersive gaming features alongside dating networking for teenage gamers.

2.             EliteSingles:

If gaming is a side hustle, how best to spend the money and ease the stress of working if not on some elite singles. This is primarily what the platform is all about. You will find singles from all walks of life sharing spaces with you after the day’s efforts. You will also find teenage gamers like you ready to make things happen in real life, looking forward to that dinner or outing.


Being at the top makes Match the website for almost every age and interest. No doubt, you will have people sharing your interest with you on Match regardless of the interest. And you will date members of all ages and abilities. Match has proven to be the most patronized over the years, thanks to its sophisticated matchmaking features. Match satisfies both the desires of adults as well as teenagers

4.             OKCupid:

Like Match, OKCupid is also one of the known dating websites. It is totally free to use and most apt for conservative gamers. As a teenage gamer interested in individual freedom, limited government, free markets, rule of law, and the likes, you will OKCupid reflecting those interests alongside your gaming interests. OKCupid is where everything meets — from politics to tech.

5.             Bumble:

This is a popular dating website amongst young adults and it is because it prompts only the female users to make the first move in straight relationships or dating. Founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble is the most leading dating website for teenage gamers and users, only second to Tinder. Its services extend beyond the United States where it is located to serve more than 600 countries in the world.

6.             Hinge:

Another dating site where young adults can find love is Hinge. Teenagers can find partners based on their gaming interests and as well can be found by others. Hinge was founded in 2012 and has an app where it operates from Android and iOS. Founded by Justin McLeod, Hinge hinges on long-term relationships amongst dating users.


There are several dating sites and apps out there … Read More...

Urban Dictionary

MOBA Games
The massive success of eSports has led to plenty of competition on PCs, but so far mobile games that are ready for professional competitive play have yet to really break through. The classic elements of MOBA gameplay are here: Two teams of five players each, each of which occupy a base at a corner of the map. 33 Blizzard adopted their own personal dictation for their game’s genre with “hero brawler”, citing its focus on action. Though it’s unclear how successful the game has been in the first few months of the year, there’s no better time to jump into one of the hottest worldwide MOBAs on your phone today.

Due to the huge, ever-growing nature of the rosters, free players will generally never accumulate every hero, but the rolling accessibility grants them the ability to try all of them eventually and save up for the ones they find appealing. Vainglory has players choose a character, assemble a team, then fight for control over the map’s various lanes.

Mini Maps and Fog of War – Many MOBA games include a Mini Map in their HUD and have some element of Fog of war that encourage ambush ganking attacks on opposing players. Up until a few weeks ago, one of the most prevalent strategies in Riot Games’ League of Legends was the lane swap ,” where the two players on a team traditionally assigned to the bottom lane switch places with their solo top laner.

Well, I’m not a fan of this game but if you like multiplayer strategy games, this should be the one you should have installed. The MOBA genre is rapidly evolving, and while it is unknown what characteristics will ultimately be defining of the genre and what won’t, there are many emerging commonalities between the games.

Legendary Heroes MOBA

MOBA Games
MOBA games started from Warcraft III game editor. With one of Heroes’ latest maps, dubbed Warhead Junction, DeShazer and his team are looking to bring the Heroes metagame more in line with these idealized phases. If you’re unaware, allow us to fill you in with a quick guide to the basic guidelines of this genre (and for experts and legacy players out there, understand that this is a basic guide to MOBAs!).

Heroes of the Storm is the game developed by Blizzard which is the same company that developed World of Warcraft and Diablo along with other titles. And again, due to the game’s archaic mechanics of heavily punishing the dying players, that can easily snowball into some players being totally obsolete further into the game.

The players can control one of the sides of the conflict and the basics of the gameplay are typical for MOBA games. Unlike LoL and DotA 2, Smite is played from the third-person perspective, which makes the game feel more immersive and, at times, action-packed.

Myst Legends

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a new gaming genre. Nigh impenetrable game, with most mechanics being specific to only Dota 2. I’d avoid Dota … Read More...