What Are The Biggest Mistakes Made In Low Elo League Of Legends?

League of Legends (LOL for short) is a highly popular game, arguably the best MOBA game out there at the moment. However, the debates going on between players are always controversial, with everyone seemingly thinking that they have a suggestion that will improve the game.

Because of the fact that LOL is highly competitive and based on teamplay, we see huge competitions being organized. Although it will take some time until the game will be listed on the top sites at https://www.bestcasinosites24.co.uk, people already bet on the outcome of games. Unfortunately, what you see in the competitions is not what happens in the millions of games paid every single week by people from all around the world.

League Of Legends players are practically divided in high elo (players in higher leagues, generally considered better) and low elo (players in lower leagues, usually seen as bad players). Those that are in low elo believe that it is impossible to get out and tend to find different things to blame, ranging from the game developer to other players. In reality, the truth is that low elo League of Legends players make more mistakes than those in high elo.

The two most common mistakes that can be mentioned and have a drastic impact on the game are presented below.

1. Thinking You Have To Carry The Game

Although many will tell you that in order to get out of low elo in LOL you have to carry games, the truth is that this is one of the main reasons why you keep losing games. A big problem in low elo games is that all people think it is up to them to carry the game.

In reality, League Of Legends is a team based game. It is far different than other competitive games like World Of Warcraft or Starcraft, where it is player skill that determines the outcome of a game. In LOL, true skill is actually determined by how well you can gel with the rest of the team so that you work as a team to win. This means that it is generally better to help a player that is doing really well than taking risks and trying to be the carry.

2. Not Paying Attention To What Happens In The Game

You will often hear professional LOL players talking about vision and how important map awareness is. These are things that lack in low elo games. Most players simply focus on what they see on their screen and do not pay attention to the rest of the game. One of the most important parts of the game is taking good tactical decisions. In order to do this, you have to be aware of what happens on the map. You have to make it a habit to look at the map, see what items the enemy team relies on and what the other team is trying to do. This brings forth so many great opportunities that allow you to win. … Read More...

Star Factory: Best LoL Group Finder

The modern gaming industry has changed significantly since the creation of online games. Millions of players around the world want to play popular eSports disciplines and win significant atrophy. League of Legends has become a real hit among other games. This game is able to unite strangers from different parts of the world for a common purpose. Unfortunately, finding the right team on your own is very difficult. Many people spend a huge amount of time looking for professional players or like-minded people.

Now this problem has become less relevant. Thanks to Dream Team website, users can organize Lol recruitment. The system helps to filter various teams or users by occupational level or language barrier. Users can find friends and a professional team for various purposes.

This platform is also perfect for promoting various events, advertising teams and getting investors. A professional cyber sportsman can always suggest a couple of interesting tricks or features in the game. Try to constantly experiment and do not stop at the place. A strategy of the same type will become ineffective after a certain number of matches.

Best Lol teams and their way to success

Even such monsters as Invictus Gaming, Team Liquid, and Fnatic had a lot of problems during their career start. The teams experienced partial line-ups and internal conflicts. The main condition for the successful game and development of each team is discipline. Try not to create conflicts in the team and work as folded as possible. You need to develop your own strategy and stick to the plan clearly.

Believe me; you don’t want to experiment when things go really bad. Analyze every mistake. Perhaps you are doing something wrong. Self-criticism is always valuable for professional development. Choose a team of people who have the same skills and values. This will help you quickly integrate into this environment and improve your gaming skills.

In order for you to be noticed by sponsors or investors, you must participate in various championships. Service for the selection of Lol players will help in this matter. Try to occupy high places in ratings and various championships. This will allow you to get a certain share of popularity and fame in the media space. After that, you can count on sponsorship and the signing of various contracts. Try to learn the strategy of a certain number of characters. You must have at least 5-10 characters that are convenient for you. This will help improve your professionalism and act as one team.… Read More...

Tips for Raising Your Rank in League of Legends


Raising the League of Legends ID rank is not easy for everyone. Because LOL itself is a 5-to-5 MOBA game, you also sometimes have to depend on your friends and enemies. In fact, just one game can make us very frustrated.

After all, it will definitely look the difference between players who have real high tier and those who are on lower tier. What distinguishes high rank players from low rank players is not only from their mechanical skills, but also their perspective in dealing with situations that occur in the game, as well as learning all their games in detail.

So, if you want to increase your rank in League of Legends without boosting, try to apply the methods below.


Analyze Your Game Results

Defeat is painful but whatever the cause of your defeat, there must be one or two things you can learn. Many factors caused defeat in League of Legends. Wrong skill, skill does not hit, position is too offside, lag, etc.

Try to criticize your game by looking at replays and also learn what mistakes you made and can be corrected. By doing it, you can analyze what you still lack, so you don’t repeat it again in the next game.


Stay positive

There are no perfect humans, nor do your teammates. Sometimes they make fatal mistakes that make your mood break, or become ’tilt’. In these situations, you will tend to be more prone to making mistakes if you keep thinking negatively.

The easiest step: Calm your mind first. Inhale through your nose and throw it through your mouth, do it repeatedly to lower your heart rate. Try to move on or express all the events that have happened, focus on what you can do right now.

If you really feel tired, take a break and refresh your mind with other activities, until you feel ready to go back to raise your tier. Remember: It’s just a game.


Don’t be afraid to do “Dodging”

Many players feel annoyed, when they want to seriously increase their ranks, but meet teammates who do the trolling that is detrimental to the team so that it gives defeat. If you see an indication of a noob player or there is a player who seems to be trolling, just dodge the game. Loss of 3 LP is better than 20 LP.


Watch some Competitive Games

Certainly, competitive matches like LGS, LCS, LCK or LPL contain players who understand League of Legends better than you. By watching how they play carefully, you will get an overview and knowledge of League of Legends at a higher level.

Pay attention to the way they take objectives such as turrets or dragons, when is the right time to issue the ultimate, champion positions during team fight, or the selection of items against a particular champion. Try guessing about their movements at any time, the reason why they do this and that, and so on.


Boosting or Jockey Services