All About Runescape Catfish


All About Runescape Catfish

Raw catfish can be caught in the Port District of Menaphos, Runescape and requires a Fishing level of 60. It will award 85 Fishing experience as well as 4.5 reputation points to the faction the player currently has set as active. Your rod will gain 10 experience upon catching one. Simply use bait instead of lures in the fishing spot to successfully catch one. Other fish that are able to be caught in the same spot are Beltfish and Desert Soles. By virtue of Menaphos being a members-only world, only members can get to this spot to fish.

The raw version of the fish can be disassembled for mostly organic parts with living components, healthy components, or rarely enhancing components, as well as crafted parts at times. Disassembling rewards 1.8 experience with a base junk chance of 34{7415ff5170253e049481658879a8dbc0ef4f928b5f06930499c649d371d84481} (variable depending on your junk chance reduction). What can you do with this catfish? Well, you can either sell it, cook it, or cook and then sell it.


Cooking Catfish

A cooking skill level of 80 is required in order to cook catfish. It can be cooked in a range or on a fire for one serving. It will reward 145 experience on a successful attempt. Consuming a cooked catfish will restore the player’s life points up to 1,500 depending on their Constitution level. At the lowest, it will restore around 225 life points. For maximum effect, a Constitution level of 60 is required.


Selling Catfish

Both cooked and raw catfish have the same base value of 275 RuneScape Gold coins. As calculations for an item’s High Alch and Low Alch use that value, both cooked and raw have the same outputs there as well. Using the skill will reward you with 165 coins for High Alch, and 110 coins for Low.

As for the Grand Exchange, the raw catfish’s average price is (at the time of writing) at 95 gold coins, with a 30-day average of 98 coins. The cooked version of the fish is sold a bit lower at 84, with a 30-day average of 82. Raw fish is a little more expensive because of those players who want to level their cooking. By those criteria, it is not quite worth it to catch and/or cook them to sell.


Leveling by Catfish

As for leveling Fishing or Cooking, it is not very efficient. You will need to fish or cook around 90,000-100,000 times just to get to 99 as soon as catching or cooking catfish becomes available. Even more would have to be done for those who want to reach 120 with just this action (which is impractical and inefficient anyway).

It is up to you to level up your skills however you want. Just remember to have fun while doing it. If you are at a loss as to what the fastest or most efficient ways (ones that also turn in a profit) are, check out leveling guides on the wiki. … Read More...