Want to Play a Flight Simulator? Try These Games

Being able to fly is something that many of us take for granted. But for most of human history, flying through the sky was only the stuff of dreams. And it would only be within the last century that we would have access to cheap flights across the world.

But flying didn’t just end with transportation. It has also become a popular mechanic within the modern world of video gaming. And we can see this in the number of flight-centric games that are available. So, let’s dive into the best flight simulators that are on the market at the moment.

Arma 3

Arma 3 stands out among other games due to the fact that it started out as little more than a gaming mod. But it has since become a true force within the gaming sphere. And thanks to the open nature of the game, it’s possible to take flight in one of the many vehicles that are available.

And in Arma 3, air-to-air combat is actually quite engaging. It also allows you to take control of aerial battlefields as you remove enemies. Additionally, there are also lots of helicopters available. While these take longer to get a hang of, they are definitely worth giving a try.

War Thunder

War Thunder is another game that took some years to grow a large following. In that time, it has added new types of vehicle battles that include tanks and ships. But before that, it was just about the best game for flying around freely. And this is because of the amount of care that went into simulating real flight.

Over the years, War Thunder has evolved immensely. And has now become a favourite for millions of players throughout the globe and it allows players to increase their roster of different vehicles. With these planes on hand, you can use real tactics to win battles. Which is especially important when facing down real players in the multiplayer element of the game.

But much care has been put on other types of combat. In fact, many consider War Thunder to offer some of the best tank battles in the world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft has been at the forefront of innovation for years, both for their operating system as well their many gaming endeavours. As an example, Windows has become the dominant OS in the world. And continues to be the top choice for workers and casual computer users. After all, most games and software run on Windows, including everything from accounting packages or Australian online pokies.

And in terms of the most realistic simulator, Microsoft is also in the lead thanks to the 2020 version of Flight Simulator. It is an endless enjoyable way to fly across landscapes with modern controls. It’s also among the most realistic vehicle simulators that money can buy.